Hackathons Participated

Luxathon 3.0

Date: 2021 December 17-19

The first hackathon attended by me! This was the first time I was getting to know about the word hackathon, and all my team members were in the same stage. Another specialty is that I joined college and our classes started on November 21, 2021, so even before a month spending life as a BTech student, I was able to form a team and participate and win the special mention award.


Date: 2022 November 26,27


Me, Devadut, Jithu, Akhil, and Aswin participated in the hackathon.


Date: 2022 December 2-4

https://ethindia.co/ My first Web3-based hackathon, and first International hackathon Also, my first time going to Banglore, Yeah the hackathon was at Namma Banglore. I and Anand S participated as a team, it was an awesome experience altogether.

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