🌿Maanda Garden

Wander a lot, Get lost, Reclaim Everything!

Hai, I'm Abhiram, a student and more. Welcome to my Digital Garden 

What is Digital Garden?

in short: I think of digital gardens as digital spaces where people grow their ideas from seed to tree: 🌱 -> ☘️ -> 🍀 -> 🌿 -> 🌲 -> 🎄

This Digital garden of mine is a blooming one. To be accurate I've just planted the seeds and watering them; so as of now you won't be finding anything great here, But soon the seeds will grow and many good and great ideas will be blooming here!

Gardens are farmland that delights the senses; parks are wilderness, tamed for our enjoyment. Large hypertexts and Web sites must often contain both parks and gardens. -- Mark Bernstein

Gardens maybe are like gardening people. But watching it with a new eye, it seems to be a crossbreeding of a blog, a Wiki, and a (personal) knowledge management system, with influences of the Zettelkasten note-taking method.

Why maanda?

This name stuck with me very much and so thus I ended up with this simple name. This name is an unofficial Malayalam word for 'I don't need it'.

You can now skip to different sections and find what all seeds I've currently planted!

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